In order to detect risks to your organization's sensitive business information, Cognni learns from past sharing events to understand share patterns, and generates a baseline to identify anomalous events and determine its level of risk.

The three data sources that Cognni connects to are:

1) Azure Active Directory

2) Microsoft Exchange Online

3) Microsoft OneDrive

Account Discovery  

Cognni connects with your organization’s Azure Active Directory to register accounts associated with your Microsoft Tenant ID(s), and catalogue the employees within your organization.   

External users who have received documents from your internal users will be recorded by their email address only, unless it is a Microsoft account, in which case the profile information associated with the account is added as well. 


Data Mapping and Classification 

Cognni scans your organization’s OneDrive for Business, identifies the type of information contained in the files, and maps the location of your cloud data .

NB: File contents are extracted and encrypted with a unique key using military grade encryption (AES 256). Our Content Recognition AI conducts analysis of each file and generates a unique Information Recognition Identifiers (IRIs). Once the signature is generated, the encrypted file contents are deleted and all future references to the file are through the IRI.  



Cognni scans your organization’s use of Exchange Online and OneDrive to find the share patterns of both your employees and your organization’s cloud data. 

This aspect of the scan allows the Cognni AI to gain a contextual understanding of your organization's cloud environment. It establishing a baseline pattern of which files and information types are owned, shared, and received by which users, as well as which information types are typically shared between specific users and external organization. By understanding the pattern of communication and the types of information shared, Cognni’s AI can identify anomalies in share patterns and assign these events risk levels.  

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