An Incident is a share event that Cognni has determined to pose some level of risk to your information. For an event to be defined as an Incident, it must include at least one of the following:

  • Sensitive information was shared
  • Information was shared via an anonymous link (a link with no permissions that allows anyone to access the document)
  • A certain type of information was sent by a user who does not usually send it
  • A certain type of information was sent to a user who does not usually receive it
  • A certain type of internal information that usually stays internal was sent to an external contact

All Incidents are displayed on your Incidents dashboard and segmented by information type (Business, Finance, Governance, HR, Legal, or Management, Strategy & Planning). Each incident can be investigated in more depth, including users involved, information involved, location of files shared (on your cloud), and other instances of the same information so you can impose controls across your information, not just your files.

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