Cognni’s MIP connector enhances Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) by utilizing our Information Intelligence to automatically create and apply MIP labels to files containing critical information.

Critical Information refers to files that contain important, potentially sensitive content. This is different to Microsoft's sensitive info types, which works on discoverable terms such as ID numbers or credit card numbers.

So, Cognni's MIP connector expands the scope of MIP labeling beyond sensitive info types to include all of the important information autonomously mapped by Cognni.



  • Subscription for Cognni Acceleration Edition

  • Access to a Cognni Administrator account

  • Cognni-MIP App (Provided in Step 2)


  • Active MIP License for all relevant Office 365 Accounts

  • Administrator Access to Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)


Step 1: Give Consent for Cognni to apply MIP labels

  • Login to Cognni at onboard.cognni.ai/login

  • In Cognni, navigate to settings in the top right corner and choose "Apps" from the drop-down menu.

  • On the MIP tile, click "Give Consent".

  • Read and accept the permissions in order to allow Cognni to automatically apply label to files containing your important information once the Cognni-MIP Console App is activated.

  • Check to make sure your Cognni environment is connected with MIP.

Step 2: Run the Cognni-MIP Console App to allow Cognni to create labels and apply MIP labels

  • Download and extract the .zip onto your local machine, get it here.

  • Open Windows Command Line as Administrator.

  • Navigate to the application location using the CD command.

  • Execute MIPConsole.exe file.

Step 3: Sign in an MIP administrator

  • You can access MIP by logging in as an administrator at:
    https://www.office.com/ > "All Apps" > "Compliance" > "Policies" > "Office 365 alert"

  • This will bring you to you MIP environment and activate the Cognni MIP Connector.

View the Results

Shortly after activation, Cognni's MIP connector will automatically create a set of MIP labels and begin to apply labels to file containing your important information.

To view the results of the MIP connector:

View the new sensitivity labels

  • Log in to MIP and choose "Classification" > "Sensitivity Labels" from the left-side menu to see the set of MIP labels created automatically by Cognni.

View the number of sensitivity labels applied

  • Enter the Compliance center, choose "Data Classification" and view the "Top sensitivity labels applied to content" table in the top right corner of the dashboard.

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