How does Cognni Map my organization's information?

How does Cognni Map my organization's information? By Oliver Samuel

Cognni takes a unique approach to understanding and categorizing information, providing unparalleled information visibility.

Cognni uses AI-powered machine learning and autonomously scans your organization’s cloud information. During this process, Cognni recognizes critical financial, legal, HR, governance, & business information, and categorize it into over 70 subcategories - such as financial reports, legal letter, recruitment, and meeting minutes - without the need for users to pre-configure or otherwise remain involved in the process.

This is different to traditional discovery tools, which either search files for a pre-defined list of sensitive terms - such as PII, PCI, PHI, and financial identifiers - or require that users identify sensitive information either manually or by configuring trainable classifiers, leaving a huge amount of important information in the dark.

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