What are the different information types?

What are the different information types? By Oliver Samuel

Cognni classifies critical information into 6 main categories and over 70 subcategories.

These include:

  • Legal Information – Agreements, Bills of Sale, Contracts Documentation, GDPR-Related Files, Governmental Forms, Incorporation Documents, Intellectual Property, Legal Disputes, Legal Letters, Powers of Attorney, Signing Authority, Statements, Affidavits, & Consents

  • HR Information – Accident Reports, Diplomas, Discipline, Employee Evaluation Reports, Employee Information, Employment, Employment Termination, HR Request Forms, HR Satisfaction Surveys, Recruitment

  • Financial Information – Accounting, Banks, Customers & Suppliers, Employee Expenses, Financial Reports & Planning, Salaries, Tax Authority

  • Governance Information – Board Meeting Agendas, Board Meetings & Resolutions, Board Members, Committee Agendas, Committee Meetings & Resolutions, Directors Remuneration, Due Diligence, Employee Options Plans, Partners, Partners Meeting Agendas, Partner meetings & Resolutions, Proxies, Reports to Governance, Shareholders Meeting Agendas & Invitations, Shareholders Meetings & Resolutions, Shareholders, Sub-Committee Agendas, Sub-Committee Meetings & Resolutions

  • Business - Audit Reports, Customer Services, Guides, Industry Specific, IT, Marketing, Operations, Policies, Proposals, Reports, SOW, Sustainability Reports, Tenders & Bids, Travel Itineraries & Boarding Passes, Business Plans, Management Meeting Agendas, Management Meeting Minutes, Strategic Plans, SWOT Analysis, Work Plans

  • Other Information – Any files that are unique to your information environment, as well as encrypted, password protected, unreadable formats information

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