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What is Cognni?

What is Cognni? A brief description of Cognni's core features and benefits.

Cognni is an AI-powered information intelligence solution that provides advanced visibility into how data is handled within your organization, by adding contextual understanding to your shared business information.

What you get with Cognni:

Autonomous Mapping

Cognni autonomously identifies information categories and shows you the cloud folders where your information is located, what information is being shared, where it’s going and who is sharing it.

Autonomous Detection

Cognni autonomously identifies anomalous and unsafe share activities, and points you to those which pose the greatest threat to your business information.

Advanced Investigation

Cognni's zero-effort investigation feature provides comprehensive details and intelligent insights (such as file clusters) to focus your InfoSec work, allowing you to drill down into risky insights quickly and easily.

If you have any further questions, please send us an email to support@cognni.ai

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