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What Makes Cognni Unique?

What Makes Cognni Unique? How Cognni differs from other data mapping and governance tools.

Most data mapping and governance tools focus on Information Discovery. This methodology relies on the recognition of regular expressions, such as PII, PHI or financial indicators, and primarily aims to protect data addressed by existing regulations. This makes up less than 10% of all sensitive business information, leaving over 90% unprotected.

Cognni's core capabilities are rooted in the application of Information Intelligence to facilitate an extension of information security to the remaining 90% of unregulated, confidential information.

Our unique methodology provides insights by autonomously mapping and classifying an organization's important information using only AI and machine learning. Furthermore, Cognni detects anomalies and risks created through sharing activities, and provides detailed, holistic investigation. This is all done without any pre-configuration or user involvement, and connecting to Cognni takes just 5 minutes.

These core capabilities, as well as many additional features, make Cognni a one of a kind solution in the world of information security.

If you have any questions or need any further support, please send us an email to support@cognni.ai and we'll be happy to help.

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